Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 : “The Final Battle – Part 1” Naruto Vs Sasuke


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  • Mubashara Mubasher

    first again

    • Trevox Chew

      The preview was out last week, you’re not the first..

  • Inzemam Zee

    I’m here too

  • Mubashara Mubasher

    what the heck is this I got up on 7 to watch this

  • Trevox Chew

    where the f is it?

    • Mubashara Mubasher

      good question

  • Mubashara Mubasher

    I knew last episode was the last but I still waited

  • hehe

    I have found out guys

    • Mubashara Mubasher


  • hehe

    Its because since its the last, and its a 1-hour long special, it will be aired unfortunatly on 29th of september:(((

    • Mubashara Mubasher

      2 more weeks I am gonna die

    • Dats Me

      Also the start of league of legends worlds

      • hehe

        No one cares about that bro… -_-
        Don’t even know what that shit is man

        • Lavante ’ Smith


  • hehe

    And ive waited this long for nothing, dammit:(

    • Pubudu

      Yes man…same here!!!

  • hehe

    Man, to be honest, Kishimoto is a lazy ass prick, if it takes him 3-4 goddamn weeks just to air this special, just wow….
    That pisses me off…

    • Itachi

      He was only in charge of the manga, not the anime so it is not his fault lol.

      But yeah it is annoying having to wait. .

    • KillerSteel

      Lazy, yes. When it comes to a series finale that people have been following for years, rarely failing to release a new episode each week, he’s lazy for taking a few extra weeks to release an hour long finale for the anime.

      Besides, like the above user said, it ain’t his project. I say the extra time gives ’em a chance to make things flashy, and considering all the work that goes into these things, I’m more than happy giving them the extra time to pull it off with all the pizzazz they want.

      Sure, I’m gonna be waiting just as hard as everyone else, but the wait’ll be worth it, if Ninja Storm 4’s anything to go by.

    • SKT T1 Faker

      Long wait will be worth it m8.



  • Erika

    Okay, i woke up at 4:45 am for nothing…goodnight….

  • Udin Kumis

    ah.. crap!

  • God… this friking anime is as good as it’s pissing me off the fillers and when they don’t publish anything… I love naruto but I’m tired of wasting my time, I hope that’s the last episode so I can focus 100% on D.B.S

    3 weeks to begin fighting naruto and sasuke… ridiculous…

  • abdulkabeer1

    Is this show ending ?

    • clouderla


    • hehe

      Well not really, yes shippuden is ending, but i think they are gonna make a boruto series after this one

  • Eaz3 Jahmin

    hour long special better be good haha
    ups to the bro kishimoto to make all this for us
    I honestly wont be patient enough to do episodes weekly hahaha

    • Matthew Joseph Addai

      kishimoto isn’t making this lol

  • TurtleOnRye

    I love September so far. The final episode of Naruto and Final Fantasy XV come out on the same day, not to mention other great things.

    • iZinc

      Sorry brah but they delayed FFXV until November 29th now :/

  • Cadeau Ndikumana

    its coming on Thursday the 22nd or Friday 23rd

  • Trisha Shukla

    fuck it I WANNa See it now 🙁

    • Kurt A. Burgher


  • Aaron Petrancosta

    Honestly i am pretty sure that you guys complaining about the episodes not coming out is helping them make them any faster. If anything it is just making them more stressed and they are gonna rush it and it is going to be garbage. In my opinion it will be worth the wait. Just imagine 1 hour of pure awesomeness and battle and explosions and stuff. That must take a lot of time to do. So just try to be encouraging to the developer/or whatever he is refereed to as!

  • Aaron Petrancosta

    Im going to be honest one thing that had me really scared and i just thought about was when Madara had everyone in the susano or whatever and they kept going person to person. I thought it was going to be a never ending about of filler episodes.

  • Hinata Hyuga

    Wait.. I’m confused after this fight isn’t there going to be more of the story line!? Like Kakashi becoming Hokage or Naruto!? Please help me >,<

    • Lilfizzo

      !!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      In the story, Kakashi is “immediately” implemented as Hokage for the the next… year or so, maybe longer. Followed by Naruto, which begins his legacy as Hokage and opens the Baruto or whatever series. Which, doesn’t look like complete shit… I mean it is, but.. Anyways, to fully disclose spoilers, the time in which Kakashi becomes Hokage Naruto is dispatched on a couple end missions, which are movies, and where Naruto and Hinata find out “Hey I love you” and become official. The end of The Last Naruto Movie, depicts the forming of Naruto’s family with A son “Baruto” and a daughter “Forgot name”. So, happy ending.

      • ^Hinata Hyuga^

        I love the movie tbh!! But its kinda dull to just end the series there and let the movies take it on.. Y’know and “The Last” Is my favorite movie I re-watch it all the time, Speaking of which I’m watching it right now.. But you know you should delete your comment. You’ll get banned if you send out spoilers even if you try to warn everybody…

        • Lilfizzo

          Just hope it helped clarify the stories progression. Alot of people dont watch the movies, but they made them key story line drivers towards the Shuppden saga.

  • Cadeau Ndikumana

    it coming in 4 hr 27min and10 sec

    • SKT T1 Faker

      Damn they postponed it again.

  • ishan0502

    another fucking week? hell nooooo

  • shyqo


  • Pankaj Patel

    I’m dying to see the new episode nd they say for wait one more week..?

  • Soniya Bisht

    helllll another week …

  • Cadeau Ndikumana

    this is bull sh**t

  • Dennis Kaas

    According to newseveryday dot com episode 476 will air sept 29 , with an hour of translations to do i expect somewhere around the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

    • eh

      by “translation” do you mean to sub or dub

      • Dennis Kaas

        sub offcource…

    • Cadeau Ndikumana

      thats on my birthday

  • leo lampard

    MAN DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Man this is gonna take awhile to be tranlasted since it’s an hour I’m expecting this is going to be fully translated in a month like they did with Resurrection F Future Trunks Edition over on dragon ball time

  • Albin Nilsson

    Yo its been postponed 1 or 2 times now, next week who knows if it will maybe postpone another week further..

  • mittal

    I can only hope that this is not the last ep of naruto shippuden saga

    • FreeWilly

      This series should have ended a year ago. Do you seriously enjoy filler that much?

      • Manny56

        A lot of us like to know the entire story.

        • FreeWilly

          The manga ended a while ago too so the show is REALLY dragging its feet.

  • Albin Nilsson

    Next thursday…

  • Hengly EVER

    4 days more guys,
    let wait…

  • Zeref Dragneel

    HELLYEAAH, boruto series will start soon

  • …..

    14 hours left guys

  • Chloride2
  • Nikolay

    12 hours left …
    Naruto forever !!

  • Jase King

    3 more hours boy!

  • Keep Running

    2 hours left..

  • FredBoe Ayers

    so is it in 2 hours or 7 ?

  • Kim Alpas Nemenzo

    me present 😀 😀

  • Lavante ’ Smith

    6 more hrs.

  • Cadeau Ndikumana

    how many more minutes left

  • Cadeau Ndikumana

    how many more minutes left

  • Syclone903

    5 hours left baby!

    • HNST

      I know im sooooo hyped!

  • anna tulloch


  • nicklowdyy


  • hehe

    2 hours and 40 mins left!!

    • Heroic L

      you aren’t the first viewer

      • Heroic L

        not for now…

  • Joe Gonzales

    Dammit I don’t want it to end yet! But I’ve been waiting for this fight!!

  • Jase King

    5:21 where i live. i’ll stay up for this fight.

  • hehe

    1 hour and 15 min left!!

  • hehe

    50 mins left!!!

  • …..

    wheres the sub

  • Lindani Khomo

    no subs

  • Wiwin Sang Delegasi Gifted


  • So sad its about to end is there a buroto series after Naruto

    • darshan

      yaa it has to continue

  • Tsk!

    geez, the ads are taking forever.

  • HD34


    • Tsk!

      what episode is this?

      • HD34

        476-477th episode

  • Tsk!

    The heck? This is late. haha

  • What time does this show come out in Japan time? I live here, so would prefer just watching it on T.V.

    • Oh shit, just realized this comes out Thursdays @ 7:30 PM (which was 30 min. ago!). But there was nothing but “specials” and other shows on the TV Guide. The video displaying at this moment on this website is exactly what I’m seeing on TV Tokyo, and the schedule says nothing about Naruto so……pretty sure it ain’t airing.

  • hehe

    Where the fuck is the sub??!!!!!!

  • hehe

    Please, where is the subs??!!

  • Dave Sam

    Lmao all these anime virgins…. ahahhaa

  • hehe

    Guys, i dont see any subs, does anyone know where og why there isnt any subs??

    • I don’t think the original has aired yet.

      • hehe

        But it is gonna air today though right?…

        • I live in Tokyo, and I don’t see it on the program guide. Pretty sure I didn’t miss it, i’m double checking. . .

          • Ahh wtf it’s on! I must have the wrong channel…

        • Ahh dangit, must have missed the original airing. Oh well, at least I get to see subs now, wooh!

  • anna tulloch

    2 minutes plz go fasterrr

  • Devil-Duck

    That was disapointing….

  • DBLeon

    Welp soon Naruto will be gone forever…..and Boruto will rise!!!

  • DBLeon

    The Opening is BADASSS

  • DBLeon


  • DBLeon

    This fight is almost like Dragon ball Fight COOL

    • twirk

      477 reminds me of vegeta vs cabba he was so absent minded lol naruto at the end

      • DBLeon


  • WHY?

    why so many dislikes ?

    • Starry

      Probably because it doesn’t upload

  • Pandosaurie

    ehm. didn’t people say this was gonna be one hour special?

  • Alexander Gequillana

    so drama

  • touzala fethi

    sasuke keeps on talkin’ about darkness & I remember danzo sama talkin’ about it a long time ago he was ahead of his time

  • Prince

    I at least agree with Sasuke on something, and that’s on Itachi. I respect him more than any of the Hokage.