Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : “Title”


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  • Where is the episode?

  • hehe

    Damn, it’s pretty fucking sad seeing naruto end:(
    But it has been one hell of a fucking ride!:)

    • Crissi Ade

      It’s not going to end quit saying that BS

    • Danilo Milosevic

      There will be Boruto : Naruto soon , i am so exited ! 😀

    • bari kaba

      Aniwa dabaya….balan hitapan geri balla

  • bunny kookie

    why i can’t download ep 479, it says page not found 🙁

  • Tranquility

    By the time ep 379 comes out, Naruto & Sasuke would have been bleeding out for 6 days xD The power of youth lives on! hahaha

  • Nully Dw

    what is the song ?

  • Raja Sekaran

    Nice song!!! Can anyone say what song si this

  • Nully Dw

    Stria-Rise From The Ashes =>>This is music in video 😛

  • Senpai_Roy

    still gotta wait ugh

  • jean

    When U staying up for it

  • hehe

    I know this is going to be a filler episode i guess….
    But im looking forward to it, or is this gonna be the aftermath of the battle between sasuke and naruto, where naruto frees everyone from the infinite tsykoyomi?

    • Sage of Six Paths

      filler does not mean boring or no fight or no story progress, it means anything that was not included in the manga, This episode was in manga and was the last. From now on it will be filler or Boruto

      • Alexander Fragkos

        this wasnt the last episode in manga dude it was 699… 700 is the one *spoiler* naruto is hokage and its the last one

    • AnakinBongWater

      That battle already was aired weeks ago….

    • xFallenKyuseishu

      Naruto couldn’t free them himself.

  • Ananya

    Anyone able to watch the episode ?

  • Nauto

    A great episode~~~!!!

  • hehe

    This was both a sad and awesome episode at the same time!
    Now the episodes after this one is just fillers lol, and the ending of Naruto Shippuden, coming into the beginning of the more boring Boruto series -_-

  • hehe

    So longgg Naruto Uzumaki and company!!! 🙂

  • Gia

    Great! …it wasn´t filler episode 🙂

  • Zawszzzeee

    Oh so it’s time for them to show few episodes and were going to The Last naruto the movie animated like what Toei did to Dragon ball super legend of frieza movie and BOTG.

  • Aa

    What’s the name of the background music in the Naruto.Hinata preview?

  • Michael Cena

    sasuke was like “I gotta take care of my other b!tchez, thats why I can’t bring you” lol

    • Sebastian Palmquist

      The truth behind Sasuke’s journeys is that he was really hooking up with Karin

      • guest

        In your f*cked up delusions. Sasue is disgusted by that fugly biatch.

  • Awww

  • cobalt

    7:42 Guren’s team and that 3 girls from “The Last” Naruto movie.

    • saranimelover

      I saw that too!! Haha

  • Dally P

    Key things here

    We seen Guren and a few old friends at the gate

    Sasuke refused the artificial arm but he can use Susanoo to replace it

    So why didn’t they make a leg for Guy?

    • Dillon McGee

      its prob alot of things that are destroyed – 8 gate is normally a sure death

      • JokerFace

        The 8 gates extinguish your chakra indefinately, Naruto restored that. it’s not the 8 gates that broke his leg, it’s his night guy attack. He literally warped space with it if that’s any indication of how much force he put into that attack. Not only that, but his Suko (Elephant foot move that he used before night guy) also broke/fractured his arms and he still has use of those.

    • hoho

      or coz of hashirama cells, only uzumaki and uchiha can merge successfully with it. (think obito’s artificial body)

      • Jacob Williams

        Danzo had the artificial arm . so it’s not just uchiha or senju

  • Fnd

    Between here n before The Last, why not making one movie or hundreds more episodes about Naruto go to new adventures before going to be the Hokage at the other place out of this all small boring villages. Bring new enemies with even powerfull than Kaguya with new type of the so call Chakura but not Chakura after all.. The Ninja vs New Type Of Bad Guys. ‘Naruto Densetsu’ with no stupid fillers, new beginning, with new upgrade power, maybe together with sasuke or without anyone from any previous story.. Please hold the story about Boruto, i dont think its the right time for Naruto son coming out. All new beginning from u guys.. I know many people think what i think know!! -Fendy LeJeN-

  • Frizzorante

    am i the only one who wants to see some filler episodes? i want to see more after the war and i think naruto will end with 500 episodes that would be great

    • peid mrele

      fuck you!

  • Andreea Roxana Macarie

    I dont understand why Kakashi needed to be hokage. Tsunade was just fine.

    • xFallenKyuseishu

      Must be because she’s old and tired of that shit, wasn’t even her idea to become Hokage in the first place lol

    • Erik Venegas

      He made a promise to Obito that he would become hokage remember?

    • Jdubbyo

      Tsunade wanted to retire, I don’t blame her. She’d prefer to gamble and drink…

  • Danny

    Sakura’s long hair made her look sexy!!

    AHH The moment when shed asked to go with him Ah I screamed in joy and then Sasuke poked her forehead IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!

    • Jdubbyo

      It’s a drawing. That’s just weird…

  • Visitor

    Hey guys, why is kakashi covering his eye at the gate scene ??? Is he hiding something ? =)

    • xFallenKyuseishu

      Thats my dudes trademark lmao, cant just start wearing the headband correctly cause the sharingans gone

  • Σωτηρης

    whats the ending song name??

  • Arnulfo

    So i guess naruto was a jonin in the last?

    • Jdubbyo

      I believe so, that’s what this last episode kinda hints out as long as your talking about the movie and not this last episode. As for the whole “didn’t follow the monga comment I saw someone saw earlier, they for the most part did and then kinda added a bit more at the very very end. Couple slight spins but for the most part they seemed to get most of the monga covered

  • Jarl Ballin

    REAL TEARS :”'(

  • Jamsta01

    Am I mistaken in saying that the last day of the war lasted 2 years of episodes ?

  • Criss Ace

    i think am steel crying

  • Silverkyo

    Finally 479 episodes later Sasuke and Naruto are finally on the same side for once.,,,,

  • Andrew Morris

    What i dont understand, is why they didnt go off the manga for the last episode. I thought sasuke and hinata had a child together and naruto was hokage and had a child with hinata

    • Sean Sjahrial

      whoah whoah whoah, first I’m going to assume that theres a typo in there LOL. Second of all, theres a lot of in between between their kids. Check out “Naruto: the Last” Movie first before lololol.

    • Jdubbyo

      Naw was naruto and Hinata that had a kid, that’s why if you watch past the credits it shows the next episode being about those 2. What I don’t get is why not do the same with guy’s legs as with narutos arm.. cut off and make new then transplant or why naruto didn’t go “ok I’ll study” make a billion clones to each read a book then make them all disappear then instantly retain all the info….

  • iNomNomAwesome

    I wasn’t expecting this to actually be the last episode… Everything after this is just epilogue filler

  • TJ

    I didn’t know Konohamaru became Chopper.

    • Jianni

      Lol ikr, I noticed that as well.

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Why did Sasuke have that on his eyes when he was arrested that said “seal”?

    • Juvandra Dk

      It’s to prevent him from using his eyes to do anything
      PS: he have rennigan

      • nope


      • Jesus Nicolas

        I know he has the rinnegan I just wanted to know what the eye seal was for lol

  • Lil Zaretsky

    Was that really the end like in the manga? It shows theres gonna be another episode when Naruto was young but.. idk if it’s just gonna be episodes like that and not continue the main story.

    Is that it? That was a fast escalation if it is :/

    • Juvandra Dk

      It will just be some fillers

      • Lil Zaretsky

        So they made 699 episodes and only made 1 episode the end? This is just too fast

        • Juvandra Dk

          Truth isn’t always pleasant

  • Osama Kazi

    Does anyone know what happened to “kisame hoshigaki” ??
    He is still alive in killer bee’s samehada…

    • Ntsaiab Yaj

      He escaped the samehada when naruto got control over Kurama or when naruto met bee. Then they trapped Kisame and kisame bit his own tongue and killed himself due to keeping secrets of the akastuki because I think they were going to go into his head.

      • Osama Kazi

        In which episode did all these happened ?? :-/

        • Ntsaiab Yaj

          I looked it up and Kisame died in naruto shippuden episode 251

  • SecretNerd

    That Sakura asked to go with Sasuke is so LAME! It makes every bit of character development she went through meaningless. Like everything still revolves around Sasuke for her… After everything she would just abandon Konoha and everyone, for a dude that has given no indication whatsoever that he even likes her. The fact that he pokes her forehead is disturbing, because that’s Itatchi’s thing… You know, the one that Sasuke has such a f-ed up relationship with. UGHHH so disapointed with the way they handled this…

    • Jordy van Ekelen

      i laughed so hard at this

  • Rock Lee

    Why can’t they give the same prosthetic leg from Hashirama’s cell to Guy Sensei as they did to Naruto? Guy fought the battle as hard as Naruto..This is unfair!!

    • b n b

      naruto and hashirama are both reincarnations of asura or indra, so im sure that gives them the compatibility check mark. 🙂

      • Jacob Williams

        danzo had an prostatic arm like naruto also , so did Obito :/

        • Tanmaya Purohit

          for obito, that arm was basically the left portion of the body, and that was white zetsu. As for danzo, I’m certain the prosthetic was not made up of Hashirama’s cells.

      • Tanmaya Purohit

        and neither Naruto nor Hashirama are reincarnates of Indra. They are of Ashura only.

  • Josue Diaz

    That’s amazing ? I think we all gonna need a second season of Naruto shippuden

    • Austin Lee

      omgahh thatd be amazing bruhh!~~

  • James Deveaux

    So, they’re going to prolong the series with more filler? Of course they would do that…

  • James Deveaux

    Why is Kakashi still covering his right eye? Is it out of habit? I didn’t think he would need to now that he doesn’t have the Sharingan anymore.

    • Donivan Biggs

      yea probably habit, and that most people might not know kakashi lost his sharingan

      • JimSk Hansen

        everyone that have seen naruto would know that lol

        • Donivan Biggs

          im referring to characters IN naruto, not the viewers

  • Austin Lee

    Best and only anime ever! Shoutouts to Masashi Kishimoto and Viz Media for an amazing 10+ year run.. I’ll have to purchase Naruto and Shippuden sometime

  • JimSk Hansen

    kinda weird to see they treat naruto like hes a child again in this episode, and in like 3-4 episodes before that he was the beast, he and sasuke could kill everyone if they want to

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know if years passed by before Sasuke left? Just wondering because Sakura’s hair is so long at the end!! Also, did anyone else notice the varying lengths of her hair during the war? It would be medium length at one point then super short, then medium/long again, it just kind of threw me off a little. Maybe it’s just my ocd kicking in :/

    • Valery

      Not years just months. Because the hokege stone for kakashi was up. I remembered when Tsunade became hokege, they said it will take 6-8 months to complete.

      • michelle

        oh that makes sense! Thank you!

  • Israel

    We all know Sakura got hella wet when Sasuke tapped her forehead ?

  • Joseph Apellado Deldo

    they are having a family soon! 🙂 cant wait for the h e n t a i of naruto and hinata, sasuke and sakura.